Welcome To Wei’s Chinese Kitchen

Weis Chinese Kitchen new layout
Wei welcomes you to her Restaurant and Takeaway that offers a menu with every delicious dish, home-cooked by her using recipes based on the traditional cuisine of the Guangxi region of South China from where she originates. Take a look at the sample menu below or read more about Dining In or choosing your Takeaway meal from the Buffet Servery.

Although Wei’s Chinese Kitchen was only opened in August 2012, Wei has been cooking professionally and creating signature dishes with fresh produce (including some from her own garden) for many years.

In it’s first full season in 2013, it soon became obvious that the restaurant, built entirely by Paul, with a seating area for 16 diners, was just not going to be big enough to satisfy demand! The result was a period of closure over the winter of 2013/2014 when he redesigned and extended the dining area which now seats up to 30, created a new, bigger servery area and a separate entrance for customers wanting Takeaway food.

Paul and Wei hope that you will love the new Restaurant area, (pictured above) where they look forward to welcoming you for a relaxed evening, with delicious food. The restaurant will be re-opening in May so please be sure to check back here for the opening date when it is announced, or visit their Facebook Page – if you “like” and “follow” this, you will receive regular updates as they are posted!

Wei’s own Special Brand of Chinese Cooking!

fresh vegetablesThe philosophy behind every dish that Wei creates is to use only the very best raw ingredients she can source. She prepares a wide variety of vegetables (including onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spring onions, celery, aubergine, tomatoes and potatoes).

She uses the same care with all the meat used. Only top quality duck, beef, chicken, pork ribs and lamb are chosen and everything is prepared fresh each day. Every afternoon, you will find her in the kitchen, chopping and slicing to ensure that the freshest flavours are captured in her recipes.

The result is a fusion, combining the very best of traditional flavours with a modern, fresh twist.

Find Your Favourite Dish!

Wei is constantly adding new dishes to the regular “favourites” so, no matter how many times you dine at her Chinese Kitchen, Wei promises that you will always find something new to try and perhaps discover a new favourite of your own!

When choosing your Chinese Takeaway, select from the dishes on view at the buffet. No need to pre-order, no waiting, no guessing – price just £4.20 per takeaway container.

Sample Menu

  • Turkey with onions and peppers

    servery dishes

    The buffet servery keeps dishes at the perfect temperature

  • Chicken wings in oyster sauce with spring onions
  • Sliced beef with bamboo celery and little chillies
  • Home grown mixed vegetables prepared Wei’s style
  • Wei’s home cooked Chinese dumplings
  • Belly pork in brown soya sauce
  • Roast Duck and pineapple
  • Sweet and sour cucumber
  • Large Tiger prawns in home prepared batter
  • Juicy Pork ribs

(Try the Tiger prawns or the Juicy pork ribs with with Wei’s irresistible sweet and sour sauce!)

Restaurant interior and new servery area

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Welcome To Wei’s Chinese Kitchen — 12 Comments

  1. We regularly eat at Wei’s and always find a warm welcome, delicious food and very good value. The venue is relaxed, comfortable and unique! Wei makes us feel like her family and always offers to cook more of anything we like. Thank you for many a lovely evening :)

  2. Went to Wei’s first time last week and what a lovely surprise.
    Host was very charming and friendly. What can I say about the
    food but WOW. Very tasty and what a choice. Thanks again for a lovely
    meal. Would definitely recommend to friends.

  3. Went to Wei’s kitchen last Tuesday. What a great place, and what can I
    say about the food but WOW. Very tasty and what a choice, atmosphere
    fantastic, loved the decor. Look forward to visiting again next time
    we are on holiday. Will recommend to our friends. Thank you for a
    lovely evening.

  4. If you choose to eat your Chinese food in the restaurant, you can pick from as few or as many of the dishes as you would like and relax in the pleasant surroundings of the dining room that Paul has created and which has been decorated by Wei with items brought back from her recent trip to China.

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